Lullaby Ready

You are playing Lupe, the Andersons trustworthy veteran housekeeper and caregiver, in this first person investigative game. It is June 1994 and the old mansion on Fairmount Ave. 597 is in shambles, after what appears to have been the party of the decade. Not only is Lupe horrified of the cleaning up to be done before the parents come home from a cruise in Europe, but now she has to find out where the girls and the dog are and why there are blood traces leading upstairs Follow the clues left by the various people who populate this story set in the small colonial town of Tripfalls, and be guided by Lisas haunting voice in order to find out the truth about the once big happy Anderson family. Immerse in the unforgettable atmosphere of the early 90s with the help of multiple colorful characters and interactive memorabilia. Use objects, hidden clues and on-screen hints to help Lupe investigate what happened to Lisa and sing her last last lullaby